Git Basics – A Reintroduction to a Developer’s Best Friend

Being able to code is a wonderful skill that can open up a world of possibilities for employment, artistic expression, and thoughtful analysis. But an often-overlooked part of coding is the ability to effectively work with other people’s code, and one of the most powerful tools to do that is Git. You’re probably familiar at …
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Restart Your Node.js Apps Automatically Using nodemon

So you’re working on a Node.js application and getting awfully tired of restarting the process every time you make a change? Enter nodemon, a CLI utility developed by @rem that wraps your Node app, watches the file system for changes and automatically restarts the process. Getting started with nodemon is as simple as it gets. …
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Syndicating ESLint: Configure Once, Extend Everywhere

In code, as in ice skating, style counts. Legibility, consistency, and team harmony are all benefits of embracing the pedantic pursuit of rules. More than any of these benefits, however, a well defined style guide can help us avoid common pitfalls and keep our code reviews far far away from the bikeshed and focussed on …
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Speed-Up Your Workflow With Bash Aliases

One of the three great virtues of a programmer is laziness, and typing the same commands over and over again certainly doesn’t sound like proper laziness! Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: setting up aliases for frequent commands. Here’s how to do it, in a nutshell. .bash_profile or .profile If you’re running Bash in the terminal, …
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