October 2018

Starting Off Strong with React and Next.js

So you’ve tried Create React App, and maybe you’re thinking, “Sure, it’s nice and all, but what if I want code splitting, universal architecture, and a powerful router with zero configuration cost?” If so you’re in luck. Enter Next.js from the next-level engineers at Zeit, a dead simple boilerplate for hitting the ground running with …
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Getting Comfortable with Create React App

In a world of tools that claim ease of use and comprehensive consideration of developer needs Facebook’s official Create React App CLI is an oddity. A legitimately first class tool that with little fanfare or branding just…works. Right out of the box. It’s set-and-forget autopilot at its finest, and it’s a little disorienting — like …
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Working With Types Using React.PropType

As compilation (er…transpilation) becomes the defacto standard of the post ES5, JSX-leaning JS dev landscape—care of tools like Babel—there is a growing sentiment that it may be time to let go of our fair language’s dynamic and coercive ways in favor of a more sensible, statically-typed way of doing things. Which leads to questions like, …
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Git Basics – A Reintroduction to a Developer’s Best Friend

Being able to code is a wonderful skill that can open up a world of possibilities for employment, artistic expression, and thoughtful analysis. But an often-overlooked part of coding is the ability to effectively work with other people’s code, and one of the most powerful tools to do that is Git. You’re probably familiar at …
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Restart Your Node.js Apps Automatically Using nodemon

So you’re working on a Node.js application and getting awfully tired of restarting the process every time you make a change? Enter nodemon, a CLI utility developed by @rem that wraps your Node app, watches the file system for changes and automatically restarts the process. Getting started with nodemon is as simple as it gets. …
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